of $1,500 Raised
GOATS to families in rural Uganda!
21 Days
Monika Schaefer
link /monika
I am blessed. I truly am. I have the love of my husband, family and friends. I have more than enough food to eat. I have a roof over my head. I get to play with clay and fibre to create what I want to create.

So I've decided to give back a little. When I sell any of my ladybug earrings and pins as well as my tree frog and ladybug name pins,

I will donate the proceeds from the sale of each towards buying a goat for a needy widow and the children in her care, in Africa.

I will also donate $5 from the sale of any of my art that contains a ladybug - be it faery doors, bird houses, or felted tapestries...

In rural Uganda, everybody wants a goat. They’re easy to care for, take up little space, provide milk, and they have 2 to 3 offspring each year.

The income from raising and selling goats and their milk provides money for much needed food, clothing and education so they can  survive and thrive.

Watch my total climb as I sell my pottery and tapestries in my "Turn Lady Bugs in Goats Project for Global Friends.
Asante sana!  Thank you!

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