Everybody Loves a Good GOAT

We are proud to introduce our latest program,  G.O.A.T.

Gaining Opportunities to Achieve & Triumph

Goats are so much more than cute farm animals. Among other benefits, they provide protein through their milk for children, fertilize gardens, and offer sources of precious income through the sale of offspring that can be used for other essentials like school, food and shelter. 

Global Friends donates goats to communities with a focus on providing widows caring for more than six children as well as schools in rural areas that provide students with nourishment and teach skills in animal husbandry, business management and survival. 

Donating goats is easy:

  • $75 for a kid (young goat)
  • $125 for one adult goat
  • $250 for a male female goat pair
  • and remember, any amount helps!

Get started by hitting the orange DONATE button above.


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